model JPL electric golf caddy by Kolnex - with remote control

OHIO series
model JPL 360
with LITHIUM-ion ABMS battery system

product description

Remote Control caddy - 2017 model JPL 360 - OHIO series latest

now more torque - faster - improved control!

For the past year at Kölnex we have been working hard to develop an innovative first class product, complete with lithium-ion ABMS battery system, that we can introduce to the market at a price that makes it possible for more golfers to be able to afford it. The result is the JPL360 caddy.

model JPL electricv golf caddy by Kolnex


The JPL 360 is a brand new caddy design - incorporating new high-torque motor and spur-gearbox units to a new version of the OHIO frame for the first time. Fitted with a new controller designed by Kölnex to provide a similar smooth and easy user control as is found in the TXR caddy. This is a top-rate caddy that will run rings around any golf caddy in the world with the exception of the TXR.

Although similar in appearance to previous OHIO series caddy models this is a completely new frame as well - an improvement on the previous OHIO oval frame mono-tube frame member design, with the one single center break-point/hinge. Wheelbase lengthened at rear for a rear centre-of-balance and improved control. It provides strength, lightness, and improved control. New for 2014 a new upgraded controller gives this caddy 29% more speed and 32% more torque.

Now supplied with lightweight, high-capacity, Lithium-ion battery system with ABMS

Lightweight drive train. Electronics simplified. Improved LCD display. Quick Release White Nylon sport wheels.

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Enjoy the exercise and have complete freedom on the course!

The golfer has complete control in full remote control operation from his hand-held transmitter - for steering - acceleration - braking - forward - and reverse, while two whisper-quiet motors drive the independently controlled drive wheels. Optional manual operation can be used when in confined spaces, near other golfers, near to the green or on cart paths.

This caddy is a looker as well - choice of three frame colors including the new Gunmetal Black.

Made from aluminum this is one lightweight caddy. An easy lift into the trunk of your vehicle. Just as impressive the whole unit folds up completely in a few seconds.

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  • New design high-torque spur gearboxes
  • Each of the drive wheels is powered by a separate independently controlled motor
handle on Kolnex golf trolley model JPL
JPL model Kolnex golf trolley model JPL in black frame
  • One click and the JPL 360 folds and unfolds completely in seconds
  • Tough lightweight aluminum chassis.
  • New upgraded high capacity, high power 18 A/hr lithium-ion battery as standard
  • Improved high-tech computer controller
  • Full remote control - forward - turning right/left - stop - reverse
    manual control including ON/OFF - Pause feature - variable speed control
  • Rear stabilizing wheel supplied as standard
  • New improved optional extra-wide White Sport wheels
  • Wider 25" (635 mm) wheel base for improved stability

frame colors - JPL electric golf caddy

  • Option of three frame colors - white - red - gunmetal black - finished in high quality stoved enamel
  • Now available with optional Lithium-ion battery
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Up to 2000 rounds potential
  • Electronic ABMS (Automated Battery Management System)

                 for full details see  button link to lithiu-ion battery kits

lithium battery for kolnex electric golf caddy
pricing & ordering


     The following two configurations are mostly ordered -
to see other combinations of wheels and battery options
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    JPL 360/S/L22      

Kölnex  fully remote operated electric powered golf trolley fitted with white sport wheels - complete with extra high capacity 22 A/hr ABMS lithium-ion battery kit - 5 A/hr fan cooled charger - and transmitter MSRP $849.       optional Sport Wheel                           


SKU #s White 2075 - Red 2075a - Black 2075b


    JPL 360/S/L18       

Kölnex  fully remote operated electric powered golf trolley fitted with white sport wheels - complete with 18 A/hr high capacity ABMS lithium-ion battery kit - 5 A/hr fan cooled charger - and transmitter MSRP $789.       optional Sport Wheel                           


SKU #s White 2073 - Red 2073a - Black 2073b

For pricing on other battery and wheel configurations please click here >>
click here for pricing of other optional combinations
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technical specifications

Model                 JPL 360

360             two x Linix motors with spur high-torque                   gearboxes

/S               fitted with lightweight white sport wheels

/18L            18 A/hr high capacity lithium-ion ABMS battery                    kit

/22L            22 A/hr extra high capacity lithium-ion ABMS                   battery kit

/33              33 A/hr SLA battery

Manual control

  • Variable speed control
  • Pause
  • ON/OFF


  • Two (2) x  Linix units with Spur gearboxes – ample power for the most hilly golf-course
  • 12 volt

Remote control (by hand-held transmitter)

  • Full remote control
  • Button functions – forward – stop – reverse – right and left hand turns (correctional) and right and left hand turns (hard turn) - pause
Remote control range up to 75-100 yards/meters.


  • Direct drive from motors to new high-torque spur gearboxes
  • Through stainless steel axles to centre-mount drive wheels
  • Free Wheel mode available if no battery power available

Lithium batteries and chargers

see specs at   button link to lithium-ion battery page

SLA Charger

  • Intelligent 3-stage charger
  • Connects with Anderson connectors
  • Full 4 amp charge
  • Trickle charge
  • Final float-charge stage (battery can safely be left connected)
  • Input: 110-240V AC
  • Output: 12V/3A-4A DC

SLA Battery

  • Power: 12V, 33 A/hr upgraded Deep Cycle battery
  • Connects with Anderson connectors
  • Average Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Lifetime: ca. 150 charges (depends upon use and conditions)


  • SLA                      18 holes +
  • Lithium 18 A/hr     27 holes +
  • Lithium 22 A/hr     36 holes +


  • Complete cart (battery removed) 29 lb (13.2 kg)
  • Shipping carton 60 lb

Climbing Ability

  • 35 degrees

Maximum total Load

72 lb (33 kg)


Dimensions. Folded (drive and stabilizer wheels off)

  • Length: 34"      864mm
  • Width:   23"     584mm
  • Height: 11"      279mm

Dimensions. Unfolded (in use)

  • Length: 38”    965mm
  • Width: 26"     660mm
  • Height: 45”    1143mm


Drive wheels (Quick Release White)

  • New white nylon wheels and hubs
  • Micro-cellular foam tires
  • Cushioned ride
  • Superior traction
  • Quiet on gravel or cart paths
  • Spring loaded quick-release mechanism
  • Diameter: 10"          254mm
  • Width : 10 cm (4")

Dimensions.  Shipping

  • Length: 39"    980mm
  • Width:  28"     690mm
  • Height: 15"     370mm

Front Wheel

  • New rounded profile
  • Less turning friction
  • Rubber
  • Adjustable alignment

Rear Stabilizer Wheel Assembly

  • Full size assembly standard
  • Large robust 4” flat profile stabilizer wheel

Frame colors - options

  • White
  • Red
  • Gunmetal Black


  • Frame – aluminum
  • Axles and some gearbox components stainless steel
  • Frame sundry components high impact nylon and plastics

Frame size - main section

38 mm x 30 mm

dimensions & weights
dimensions (in use) at stabilizer wheel
1014mm L x 647 mm W x 957 mm H
dimensions (folded - drive and stabilizer wheel off)
930 mm L x 647 mm W x 370 mm H
40" L X 25.5" W x 37.7" H 36.6" L x 25.5" W x 14.5" H
dimensions (in use) at handle 1040mm L x 647 mm W x 957 mm H dimensions (folded - drive and stabilizer wheels fitted) 1045 mm L x 647 mm W x 370 mm H
41" L X 25.5" W x 37.7" H 41.1" L x 25.5" W x 14.5" H
dimensions (folded - drive wheels removed)
615 mm W x 320 mm H  
24.2" W x 12.6" H
weight (caddy only - removed : battery- stabilizer assembly -drive wheels)
11.3 kg - 24.9 lb
weight (caddy plus stabilizer assembly
12 kg - 26.35 lb
weight (caddy plus drive wheels 15.3 kg - 33.75 lb weight (caddy plus drive wheels plus stabilizer 16 kg - 35.15 lb
dimensions (shipping)
890 mm L x 635 mm W x 370 mm H dimensions (shipping)
- rounded up to nearest inch
35" x 25" x 15"
35" L x 25" W x 14.6" H
shipping weight - DIM weight

(US)  35 x 25 x 15 = 13,125/166 = 80 lb

(Canada) 13,125/139 = 95 lb

battery weight - SLA - 33 A/hr
10.7 kg - 23.5 lb battery weight - lithium 18 A/hr  

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