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model QT5 electric golf trolley by Kolnex - with simple manual control
product description

The brand new 2017 model

Nothing to think about or to micro-manage - no pushing - just play golf

The QT5 is a brand new addition to the Kolnex range. This caddy shares exactly the same new sturdy frame as the TXR caddy. The speed is simply controlled from the potentiometer switch in the handle. Now with optional powerful super-lightweight lithium-ion ABMS battery system.

There is nothing else for the golfer operator to think about - nothing at all - you are free to concentrate on the reason that are out on the course - to play golf. This trolley is designed for those of us who prefer not to be micro-managing machinery.

Put simply, it is better designed and does a better job. The model QT5 is a superior caddy in every way - it is easily controlled, it is smoother, it is stronger, it is faster, it is easier to use - and with the new spur gearbox has much higher torque and hill climbing ability


2016 model TXR360 electric golf caddy by Kolnex - available frame colors

frame colors available on QT5
(note that the illustrated tires are not available on this model)

As a direct result of our continued R&D efforts (in Europe and the US) we now have many design advances, which produce the superior handling and performance. These ground-breaking new design additions and features are mainly related to the revolutionary new electronic controller (see FEATURES below) designed to improve operation by the golfing user - and to reduce strain on components

Now available as standard with lightweight Lithium-ion battery with ABMS system.

lithium-ion battery kit installed in model QT5 electric golf trolly by Kolnex

QT5 with Lithium-ion battery kit - shown fitted with the standard Sport wheels

New high efficiency motor/gearbox units for the first time are of SPUR gear design, with a unique configuration. These produce a big increase in ground speed and provide higher torque for hill-climbing - more than any previous model.

New stronger, more robust frame design, with new nylon spring hinges are a joy to use - easier and faster. Improved high-tech electronics with simplified display. Special "one-way" wheel bearings on this caddy make it possible to maneuver it with ease, without the motor running, and without the battery even being fitted.

model TXR360 electric golf caddy by Kolnex

This caddy is a looker as well - especially with the standard newly designed white sport wheels.

Made from aluminum this is one lightweight caddy. An easy lift into the trunk of your vehicle. Just as impressive the whole unit folds up completely in a few seconds to store easily in your vehicle.

All this and we have once again held the pricing with no increase - three years in a row now



  • Ample power for hilly courses
  • Wider 25" (635mm) wheel base for improved stability
  • Two clicks and the model QT5 easily folds and unfolds completely in seconds
  • New design tough lightweight aluminum chassis.
  • Upgraded high power "deep-cycle" 36-Ampere/hr battery standard
  • Optional Lithium-ion battery kit with ABMS
  • Low profile quick release sport wheels as standard
  • Improved high-tech computer controller
new design handle for model QT electric golf caddy with manual operation by Kolnex
  • New improved design handle for model QT5
  • New design "Easy-Hinge" - spring loaded and slides with no effort - smooth as silk
  • New composite material - stronger than previous hinge
new "easy-hinge" on TXR360 electric golf caddy by Kolnex
lithium battery for kolnex electric golf caddy
  • Now available with optional Lithium-ion battery
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Up to 2000 rounds potential
  • Electronic BMS (Battery Management System)
pricing & ordering
Button - link - See Frame Color


There will be a special offer period with reduced pricing for a two-week period
starting 12th February 2018 through 25th February 2018 - see pricing below in red

All model QT5 caddy models include the selected battery - appropriate charger - and qualify for Subsidized Shipping Cost

The only optional choice is which battery system

Explanation of model # suffixes
/S sport wheels (fitted to all QT5 caddies)
/36   36 A/hr SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) GEL battery
  /L15  high capacity 15 A/hr lithium-ion battery kit

with SLA battery system
configuration # 1  


MSRP $603
sport wheel fitted to QT5 model manual operation golf trolleys     During limited period Special Offer period only $453

SKU #s : WHITE 2041 - RED 2041a - BLACK 2041b

with 15 A/hr Lithium-ion battery system
configuration # 2


MSRP $749
sport wheel fitted to QT5 model manual operation golf trolleys     During limited period Special Offer period only $597

SKU #s : WHITE 2042L15 - RED 2042aL15 - BLACK 2042bL15


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technical specifications

Model                 QT5

TXR 360/S          Fitted with Sport tires

/36                    Indicates upgraded 36 A/hr Deep Cycle                          battery

/15L                   Fitted with 15 A/hr Lithium-ion battery kit

Manual control

  • ON/OFF
  • Variable speed control
  • Pause/Resume button


  • high-efficiency 180W (360 Watt) – ample power for the most hilly golf-course
  • 12 volt system

Drive wheels (Standard Sport wheels)

  • Nylon wheel and hub (white)
  • Superior traction
  • Lightweight
  • Spring loaded quick-release mechanism
  • Diameter: 10"          254mm


  • Direct drive from motor to integral light-weight spur gearboxes
  • Through stainless steel axle to centre-mount drive wheels
  • Free Wheel mode available if no battery power available

SLA Battery

  • Power: 12V, 36 A/hr upgraded Deep Cycle battery
  • Average Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Lifetime: ca. 300 - 400 charges

Lithium battery - click     button link to lithium-ion battery kit page

SLA Charger

  • Intelligent 3-stage charger
  • Full 5 amp charge
  • Trickle charge
  • Final float-charge stage
  • Input: 110-240V AC
  • Output: 12V/3A-5A DC


  • Complete cart (battery removed) 24 lb (13.2 kg)
  • SLA Battery 23 lb (8.1 kg)
  • Lithium battery 6.7 lb (3.07 kg)
Shipping carton 60 lb to 75 lb


  • 27 holes (SLA)
  • 27 holes + (15 A/hr Lithium-ion)

Maximum total Load

72 lb (33 kg)

Front Wheel

  • New rounded profile
  • Less turning friction
  • Rubber
  • Black
  • Adjustable alignment

Bag straps - at upper and lower bag holders

  • All models of golf caddy are designed to accommodate any standard cart bag
  • Top - diameter 31" (787 mm)
  • Bottom 31" (787 mm) - 9.5" diameter

Frame colors - options

  • White
  • Red
  • Black


  • Frame – aluminum
  • Axles and some gearbox components stainless steel
  • Frame sundry components high impact nylon and polycarbonate and plastics


Frame size - main section

36 mm x 24 mm

dimensions & weights
dimensions (in use)

1245 mm L x 627 mm W x 967 mm H

at handle 1255 mm high = 49" H

dimensions (folded - drive and stabilizer wheels off)
894 mm L x 605 mm W x 320 mm H
49" L x 24.7" W x 38" H 35.2" L x 23.8" W x 12.60" H
dimensions (folded - stabilizer wheel on)
1010 mm L x 627 mm W x 380 mm H QT5 carton dimensions (shipping)
- rounded up to nearest inch
38" x 27" x 15"
39.7" L x 24.7" W x 14.96" H
weight (drive wheels fitted)
11.36 kg - 25 lb
carton shipping weight - sport wheels - lithium battery
54 lb  -  24.5 kg
shipping weight - DIM weight - US

39 x 27 x 15 = 15795/166 = 95 lb

shipping weight - DIM weight - Canada 39 x 27 x 15 =
15795/139 = 114 lb
battery weight (33 A/hr SLA )
10.7 kg - 23.5 lb Main frame size 24mm x 35mm